Thursday, 25 November 2010

inspiring images from a fellow professional

Sometimes you just have to doff a cap to a fellow photographer. The way this fella has captured all the emotion and beauty of the big day and the genius use of a garage door as a background...breathtaking

Friday, 19 November 2010

The madhouse

 It's always nice to be told that my arrival has caused butterflies to flutter around a brides tummy and as much as i like to convince myself it was all my chiseled looks...cough...the truth of the matter is that the arrival of your trusty photographer signals its all systems go and the official start to the best day of your life

Throughout the hairspray haze and the nose clearing scent of perfume, there is a real sense of expectation, that makes for fantastic photographs.

Champagne glasses with lipstick marks adorn the kitchen worktop, Mum would have been ready within an hour of getting out of bed and Dad will no doubt be sitting in the corner, keeping out the way awaiting his cue, which usually comes bellowed in the form of  "DAAAAAD GET READY NOOOW"

Remember to keep in mind that buttonholes are delivered with the bouquets so don't forget to arrange for a member of the wedding party to pick them up in advance.

Buttonholes are worn on the left hand side - a men's buttonhole should be worn on the outside of the buttonhole of the left lapel: Not in the button hole 



Monday, 15 November 2010

Highlands House, Chelmsford, Essex

Highlands house is that cool mansion you see when parking your car at the V festival, here is a small selection of pics taken from the weddings of Sarah & Paul and Pauline & Richard


Thursday, 11 November 2010


I'm a big fan of Facebook and for a self confessed nosey parker, I just love having access to a website that lets you peek at what friends and colleagues are up to.

I have been a bit slow in setting this up but...drum roll... i now have a facebook page for lee waymont photography...i will soon be popping an icon on the website but for now -

I also think creating a page devoted to your wedding is an idea worth exploring.

You could add all the information regarding your venue (how to find it, menu, hotels nearby etc.) as well as asking for guests to request songs for the DJ's play list, alongside a place for guests to post pictures of the big day, so you can view them on your honeymoon.

Just remember to set your privacy settings to only include the friends you want to view the page.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010