Friday, 10 December 2010

"If you don't pay will all end up as wedding photographers" ...The standard threat the tutors directed at us while studying photography in the early nineties.
Wedding photography (and to be fair, the weddings industry as a whole) during that period was viewed as formulaic and stilted, lacking in creativity and the bottom of the barrel dregs for any photographer.
How things have changed eh! 
The Digital age arrived and the wedding industry was picked up by the scruff of the neck, slapped around the chops and given a thorough shaking down.

The Internet gave us the tools to widen our search and get creative, these days we personalize our weddings with our own unique touches.
Pimms & lemonade has overtaken the bubbly as the tipple of choice,Curry and comfort food such as sausage and mash are regular wedding breakfast choices and your just as likely to hear the bride walking up the isle to snow patrol as you are to the traditional Mendelssohn

Wedding photographers have embraced the new approach to the big day and in a small amount of time have changed perceptions to such an extent that many students inspire to wedding photographers
The days of the old boy with the step ladder, slipping tights over the lens for a "blurry" effect are long since gone, and I'm pretty sure if my dear old tutor was still plying his trade today he wouldn't be trotting out that "you'll be a wedding photographer" line to get us motivated

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