Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Got the t-shirt

Throughout this year i shall be quizzing all the bride & grooms i am photographing. 
I will be asking them how the special day went, and grab any words of wisdom they can give you to help plan your wedding

First up is the lovely Claire and her hubby Colin, they got married at the end of January at the Rochford hotel, here are Claires thoughts:

So In the build up to your big day, what excited you the most and what (if any) anxiety’s did you have?   

TBH I was surprisingly calm in the lead up to my wedding day. Yet I was very excited about the whole event, more so just sharing such a special day with those nearest and dearest to me.

Can you describe how the pair of you felt on the morning of your big day?

Again calm, I was waiting for the moment of panic but because it all just felt so right I knew I had nothing to worry about.
Colin was surprisingly calm also and enjoyed the meeting and greeting.

Past bride & grooms-to-be have told me that any nerves they had on the day subsided the moment they came together in the ceremony room, would you concur with this?

Not for me, this was the moment my nerves hit, I was centre of attention and by the time I was standing next to my hubby to be my legs were shaking uncontrollable under my dress! Colin however could see/feel my nerves so held and stroked my hand then the nerves faded.

If you had your chance to do it all over again, what (if anything) would you do different?

The day itself I wouldn’t change, however little things did go wrong but nothing that I would allow to spoil the day.

What advice would you give my future brides & grooms to be   

I’m an extremely organised person and I lived by ‘budget spreadsheet’. This listed everything and I mean everything that had to organised and paid for, it was also a great way to keep on top of it all and you won’t forget anything, trust me!
Shop around, there are some great bargains to be found, you do not have to get in debt for your big day and you certainly don’t want to start married life in debt.
In the evening you and your husband try to take 5mins out for yourselves, go stand in the corner and take everything in around you. Also don’t panic about trying to get round to see everyone, let people come to you and most importantly enjoy every moment of this special day.

Message for Lee

I was told that when choosing a photographer that it’s important you have a rapport with them and that you feel comfortable in their company. This was instant when we met and because of this you made not only me but my friends and family feel extremely comfortable and also made it enjoyable when taking pictures on our day. I couldn’t have wished for anyone better and was over the moon with the end result. Thank you Lee

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