Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Got the t-shirt - Emma & Will

Emma & Will's big day was at Parklands - Quendon Hall, the forecasted rain showers never materialised and the happy couple and their guests were able to enjoy a pimms or two in the venues magnificent grounds...even the deer made a well timed are Emmas thoughts on her big day

In the build up to your big day, what excited you the most and what (if any) anxiety’s did you have?   

The biggest anxiety I had was not knowing how everything was going to look all together and if the venue would do everything the way I wanted it done but they were very good and the whole day came together just the way we had planned it. I also was very excited about the whole day and did not want it to go too fast, unfortunately we could not control this bit but we enjoyed every minute.

Can you describe how the pair of you felt on the morning of your big day?

I as the bride was very calm and could not wait to see Will. I just sat back on the morning of the wedding and took everything in. However Will was the opposite, he was very nervous and did not know what to do with himself J                                               

Past bride & grooms-to-be have told me that any nerves they had on the day subsided the moment they came together in the ceremony room, would you concur with this?
Most definitely once you are together it is almost like the pressure is off and you can start enjoying your day together.

If you had your chance to do it all over again,what (if anything) would you do different?

We would have had the whole day professionally recorded.We got a family member to do this but the video camera broke down before the speeches so we did not capture the whole day, which was a shame because the day goes so fast and we would have loved to look back on it.


What advice would you give future brides & grooms to be

Enjoy the day and be calm, don't worry about anything as come the day there is nothing you can do, and to be honest, you will not notice if something is not in the right place or even if not everyone turns up.
Also make sure you take time out throughout the day to find each other because the day is about you two and you don't want to look back and think that you did not get the time to enjoy it together.

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