Friday, 22 October 2010


The pressies have been opened, the left over cake sits on the table side and the once gleaming wedding dress is hanging on the door,showing the remnants of uncle bobs clumsy wine spillage.

Post wedding blues will no doubt be soothed by the thought of that poolside cocktail you'll soon be sipping on your honeymoon.

In the Airport, the old favourite "dewy eyed look" to the check in person,cuddling your spouse while casually dropping into the conversation "it's our honeymoon" in the expectation of getting an upgrade,will get you...SWEET BUGGER me, spare yourself the humiliation, I've tried did the couple in front of me,and the friends we met on the holiday, and my friends get the picture!

One thing I will say though, if you are planning a long distance  trip,be mindful of the seasonal weather patterns.
It's cruel irony that most weddings take place in the summer months,so if your planning to head for far away pastures, chances are that your gonna be taking a gamble on the 

One couple I photographed went to the Maldives. They had blissful hot sunshine everyday, but didn't take into account the prevailing winds which were common to the area at that time of year.The breeze provided welcome relief in the day, but during the night the choppy waters would keep them awake at night, as the waves battered around their luxury water bungalow.

The flip side to this is the couple who told me they didn't realise they had booked their Caribbean holiday slap bang in the middle of hurricane season. Despite their trepidation, they went on the trip and had two weeks of beautiful weather.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter how much research and planning you do, you are, like your wedding day, in mother natures mercy,whatever she throws at you, just lap it up and enjoy every moment.

Note: The top 3 pictures were taken in Antigua, at my sister in laws wedding, we went in February and it was just wonderful...not a cloud in the sky.
The bottom set were taken from my honeymoon in Langkawi, Malaysia...we went at the start of autumn, and short of a few heavy downpours (lasting around an hour) it was as hot as the curry they served for breakfast (which, by the way went down a treat...egg and baconsmaken).

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