Friday, 29 October 2010


Choosing a venue is one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of the wedding preparation.

Many of you will travel around, savouring various locations in the quest to find that perfect fit, while for others a brief visit will provide all the inspiration needed to picture that special day.

I have photographed happy couples in a wide variety of locations, and I find I learn something new about the advantages and challenges each venue has to offer with every wedding I undertake.

The choice of venues is endless, from the majestic grandiose of an ancient castle to the intimate setting of the local restaurant, all of you will have your own preferences and ideas.

When I snap multiple weddings at the same location, I am always amazed at how different the photos look.
The changing of the seasons, the weather, the flowers, the variety colour schemes, and of course, most importantly, you and your guests make your wedding unique.

Throughout my blog, I'm going to be sporadically popping up posts which will focus on a specific venue by using photos from different weddings to illustrate this uniqueness.

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